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"Maybe it's a minor complaint but..."

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I have used either Netscape or Firefox since 1995 and I was quite pleased not to have to use IE any number. I have been using FF 12.0 for a few days now and I don't notice much difference from 11.x, using the Vista OS, except for one thing. Why did the home button have to be switched from the left side to the right? After more than 15 years of the home button being in the upper left I go there EVERY time I want my home page. Other than that 12.0 displays exactly the same as 11.x. With all other features in the same place I fail to understand why this was done. A small thing... but an aggravating thing.

  • It appears just like earlier versions with the exception of the home Icon
  • The freaking Home Icon.

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06 Jul 2012

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