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"Firefox 10"

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I have been using FF for years. I loved it. Lately that has been changing. And now FF10. Buggy is the kindest thing to say about FF10. Unusable is the correct way to express it. FF10 gobbles memory in huge quantaties. It often simply won't start a page (freeze). The URL suggestions pop up at totally inapropriate moments. Pages you are browsing freeze. None of the links in it will react.

If you haven't yet, don't do the upgrade. I am writing this review using IE. Not because I am a fan of IE but because FF10 is unusable. I will wait for an update to address the problems with FF10 but I won't wait long.

  • None that I could find
  • Uses huge amounts of memory
  • Freezes while starting up pages
  • Freezes all links while on a page
  • Is slooooooww
  • Seems to have a problem with tabs now. If you open a second tab for the same site it is frozen by default
  • The whole browser stops responding on a regular basis

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05 Feb 2012
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